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The Council of Chief Librarians (CCL), in cooperation with the Community College League of California, is now accepting orders for academic site licenses to the New York Times.

About the Product
An institutional subscription to the New York Times provides direct access to the New York Times content on the NYT platform for students, faculty, and staff at your college.  Unlike a subscription to the New York Times through a third-party aggregator, a New York Times Site License includes the following features:

  • All-digital access to, from 1851 to right now*, including: All multimedia, including videophotographyVR features, and all new multimedia to come.  Here are our best visual stories of 2016.  

    Spanish and Mandarin Chinese versions of

  • Personalized access to The Times:

    • Email newsletters, including California Today and The Edit.
    • Mobile Apps for phones and tablets.
    • Customized alerts: instant notifications, or a weekly digest, for a set topic.  This greatly simplifies the use of real-time content as curriculum.
    • Cross-platform save; any article you save on is easily accessible from any device.
    • Article recommendations based on topics you most commonly read about.

  • The New York Times InEducation:  Faculty-generated course material to help professors easily integrate The Times into their curriculum.
  • NYT representatives who will collaborate with students, staff and faculty to maximize awareness of this partnership through faculty workshops, co-curricular activities, contests and any other creative methods you can come up with together.

    *Note:  For articles from 1923-1980, each individual user is limited to 5 articles per day due to a copyright ruling.

†The offers and trials information are password protected. Actual prices are confidential between the vendor and the consortium. For access contact James Wiser, Library Consortium Director, 916.800.2175.


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