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The CCLC offer for Taylor and Francis for this spring is for their journal packages (library packages).

What’s a library package?
The Taylor & Francis libraries are large collections of research journals organized into 3 subject areas: Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH), Science & Technology (S&T), and Medical. These 3 libraries combine for a total of 2,191 journals! Each library provides the latest research in a variety of disciplines to meet the needs of a multitude of programs.

Please see the current offer for more information.

†The offers and trials information are password protected. Actual prices are confidential between the vendor and the consortium. For access contact James Wiser, Library Consortium Director, 916.800.2175.


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Committee Reviews

CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics (85th Edition) - December 2004

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Paul Taylor
Journal Sales Executive, US Western Region
Tel: (215) 606-4196


Susan Sanders
Account Manager, Western Region
eBooks and Digital Content Sales
Taylor and Francis Group
Phone: (646) 379-4673